What's happening in the VW world

2016 VW Beetle

What Makes A Beetle Fly?

The VW Beetle has been a fixture on American roads for a long time, winning over drivers with an unbeatable blend of fun, value and dependability. At Bill Jacobs Volkswagen in Naperville, that tradition...

2016 Jetta

Jetta Set In Naperville

Some people want to see the world from the passenger seat of a jetliner, but you would probably have more fun in the driver’s seat of your very own Jetta-liner. The brand new 2016...

Bill Jacobs VW Beetle

Modern Classic: VW Beetle

For decades, the unmistakable silhouette of the VW Beetle has been a part of the American consciousness. From 1960s “flower power” to the Internet age, the Beetle remains a symbol of freedom, happiness, and...