2013 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid, All For Quality

photo: courtesy of volkswagen via autodiscovery.com

First shown at the North American Auto show in Detroit this past January, the 2013 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid was produced as an answer to the Toyota Prius and the reviews of this car are high.

One of the concepts of this car is, according to automotivediscovery.com, was for the company to establish the hybrid system and add a focus on the building of the Jetta with a continued stress on quality, even if it was at the sacrifice of miles per gallon from the fuel system.  This Hybrid is the only turbo-charged engine in its class which is matched with a dual clutch transmission.  Additionally, the 2013 Jetta also has the Intelligent Crash Response System which triggers key points of the vehicle in the event of a large collision.

  • All Doors automatically unlock
  • Battery terminal automatically disconnects from alternator
  • Fuel Supply is automatically turned off
  • Hazard lights automatically turned on
  • High consumption electrical components are automatically turned off

The 2013 Jetta will be available to the public at the end of this year and as we have mentioned before will have a starting price of $24,995. This car handles great and has a ton of legroom and stocked with all of the regular needs of these days and times such as bluetooth and dual climate control. According to Rainer Michel, Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategy for Volkswagen of America, “It is by purpose. We want the customer to have a great experience, fun to drive, and that’s why we positioned the car this way.”