Americans Are Ready for Vacation

summer road tripThe seasons are heating up! Summer is on its way and Memorial Day weekend is often the beginning of vacations and travel for many individuals and family alike. According to a survey conducted by Trip Advisor, one in three American’s will be hitting the roads over the holiday weekend and 86% have relaxing vacations planned for the summer.

According to the survey, 74% of respondents plan to drive to their summertime destinations. There is a unique mix of travelers setting out to enjoy various types of landscapes and environments to ease their stress, get away from work and to experience some well deserved relaxation time. 51% of travelers plan to spend their time off at the ocean, 29% will be taking in the countryside, 13% intend to explore national parks and 17% plan to have some fun in the sun at various lakes throughout the country.

Studies have shown that traveler’s that take time to relax and enjoy nature have reduced stress levels and a more balanced lifestyle. The anticipation of a vacation alone can boost an individual’s mood for up to eight weeks according to one particular study. A vacation allows people to feel invigorated and energized and helps to create a healthy work and life balance, especially when work concerns are left at work and travelers take a break from their typical digital lifestyles.

Source: Huffington Post