Blueprints Of Original Volkswagen Beetle To Be Auctioned

photo: courtesy of BNPS.CO.UK

On December 3rd there is to be an auction taking place, as it does every year, at the Brooklands Museum in Surrey, England.  The Brooklands Museum is known for its efforts to preserve and promote all that has to do with the origins, the lineage, and the beauty that is the automobile and their anchor item in an upcoming auction is garnering a great deal of interest.

Due to be auctioned are the original blueprints of the Volkswagen Beetle which were found in 1945 by a group of British troops who were looking for factory space to build military vehicles.  After the end of World War II this scout team explored a bombed out former automotive plant as a viable location and it was then that they found not only the blueprints and drawings but also old Volkswagen parts.

In fact, the military personnel had just completed the task of defusing a bomb, which had been dropped on the plant by allied forces, when they found the documents. The gentleman credited with the discovery: Colonel Charles Radclyffe and Major Ivan Hirst. The discovery of these blueprints of the original Beetle prompted the production of the car to be started once again and, according to the article from The Daily Mail, it was not long before an initial order of 20,000 Type 1 automobiles were on the production line for guess who?……..the British military.  And from there the rest is automotive legend as, through the years, Volkswagen has been and remains one of the largest car manufacturers in the world.

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photo: courtesy of BNPS.CO.UK