Another Update On The Routan

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The Volkswagen Routan for 2013 has been a moving target lately. There was word coming over from corporate that this automobile would be discontinued completely. And then we caught on to information about the details of this car needing to be ironed out between Volkswagen and Chysler (Chrysler facilities are being used to produce the car) before production would continue. Then we heard “all systems were go” for the new Routan to be built beginning in summer of 2013.

Now, the latest we hear, and this is according to an article in LeftLane is the Routan will be a fleet only car. This means you will not see this Volkswagen model on showroom floors for the individual consumer, instead it will be catered to the business sector. No word yet on a minimum purchase number for organizations which are in search for a that new work vehicle but as soon as we hear, you will be the first to know.

The Routan is the Volkswagen’s version of the Chrysler Town and Country and was introduced in 2008 and saw its biggest sales numbers in 2009, only to see a decrease in 2010. What will eventually happen with this car, as we are learning, is the Routan will eventually be phased out all together and in its place will be the 7-passenger cross-over vehicle which has received press this year which, within the auto-line, will sit between the Tiguan and the Touareg.

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We’re Back On For The Volkswagen Routan

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A couple of weeks ago we were reporting that there was news of the discontinuation of the Volkswagen Routan due to slow sales. The latest numbers on the vehicle is there was a 17% drop in sales for the first 11 months of this year versus the same time period last year.

There were some reports, which we saw, that spoke to the shutting down of the Routan opening the possibility of green lighting often-spoken-of Volkswagen Van Concepts such as the VW Bulli and the Microbus.  The development and production of the Routan has been done so, and would continue to do so, through a partnership with Chrysler. Moving forward with the van concepts would have allowed Volkswagen to forge ahead in the mini-van market on their own.

We are now hearing and reading current reports that say indeed the Routan is back on track and staying in production. According to a VW spokesman, speaking to Automotive News, there are no changes to the overall design of the vehicle and it will be offered in 2013. Production will begin next summer and in collaboration, again, with Chrysler. Place of assembly will be the Chrysler plant in Windsor, Ontario.

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Possible Change Of Plans With Volkswagen Routan Vans

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Since 2008, Volkswagen has had a partnership with Chrysler concerning the production of Volkswagen’s van automobiles. Chrysler has been a leader in the  Mini-Van segment since 1983 and according to Bloomberg News their relationship with Volkswagen, and its possible end, could spell out a less than desirable fate for the Volkswagen Routan

According to Bloomberg, some of this shifting ground is what might be a strained relationship between Sergio Marchionne, chief executive officer of both Chrysler and Turin, Italy-based Fia and Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn, due to some challenges in the 2012 European car market. All of this up for speculation, of course.

What is not, however, is the declining sales and production numbers of the Routan. Through the month of November, 38% fewer Routans were built than this time same time span, last year. The bulk of the production is through Chrysler. To amplify the murkiness of the Routan’s future Scott Vazin, a Volkswagen spokesman, told Bloomberg, “There truly hasn’t been a decision one way or the other.”

What is also a definitive, the agreement between Chrysler and Volkswagen is due to end in 2014 and both sides have made an agreement to sit down at the end of 2013 to speak to possible renewal or an alternative path for the relationship.

All is not lost. MSN has recently reported that some good could come out of a worst-case scenario and that Volkswagen might be investing efforts into the concept vehicles, the Vokswagen Bulli (seen below) or the microbus (last photo). Both of the vehicles could fit the need for VW to continue to have a presence with vans, building them on their own, while at the same time continuing a nod to its van heritage.

photo: courtesy of Vokswagen

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