Hover Car

The Moneywatch Division of CBS News just named the best marketing videos of 2012, and  making the top 4 (the final winners) was a cool little video made by Volkswagen China.  But it was inspired in 2011 by a student in China who lives in the Sichuan province, in the city of Chengdu.

The 2011 contest was promoted by Volkswagen China and it was called The People’s Car Project and the goal was for entrants to give a design for a new car which our world could use in the future. They people who entered their ideas had two ways of showing their creativity, they could use some of the template pages on the Volkswagen China website, or they could create their designs from the ground up and send them to the judges.

Wang Jia (the student’s name) decided to build her idea for the future from the ground up and she created a two-person hover car, which would get from point A to point B through an electo-magnetic technology similar to the Shanghai Maglev Train currently in use.  So impressed with the entry, not only did Volkswagen call Wang the winner but in the video they produced which highlights her idea, they made her parents the stars.

CBS’ Moneywatch was impressed too and in calling it one of the best of 2012 did so on the grounds that the content does not fall back on the cliche or overbearing quality which is too often seen in commercials/marketing videos. The narrative of the film is engaging while never straying away from the product, and, most importantly, the company.

Here is the video below;


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Video: Courtesy of Volkswagen