It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s A Volkswagen Snowareg?

photo: courtesy of Volkswagen Sweden/Facebook 

You know that vicious snow storm that was expected to blow through the Chicago area yesterday? Didn’t amount to much, huh? Realistically, we can not be too hard on the weather people who threw up the warning flags. The upper Midwest is notorious for unpredictable weather and conditions and can be just as predictable in crying wolf.

There are areas of the world, however, who are engulfed in snow and high winds on a regular basis and what is a winter storm warning to us, is an everyday occurrence to them. Countries such as Romania which experience significant snowfall in the winter, travel has and can become treacherous if not downright impossible.

Last year, an extension of the Volkswagen company, Volkswagen Sweden created a vehicle able to surmount the highest of snow banks and deepest of ruts. It is a modified Volkswagen Touareg and when used in the tough Romanian wilderness, this vehicle never failed.

According to this is a Volkswagen Touareg with a V8 TDI Engine giving 340 hp to the effort of getting to a destination. They call this car a Volkswagen Snowareg and to help with its efforts are what is called American Mattricks tracks, in place of the tires. All of this modification and stock specifications combined, allows this vehicle to see speeds of 64 kilometers per hour, or 39 miles per hour..

Volkswagen is awaiting the ordering to begin on this cool car, from industrial companies, first, and then production will begin in earnest. The price is not yet known. But, back in the Chicago area, yesterday, with a winter storm warning coming our way, as well as the end of the world, as predicted by the Mayans and their calendar, would this not be the vehicle you would want?

photo: courtesy of Volkswagen Sweden/Facebook