Oh…The Things We Find……

Photo: Courtesy of Delfino Mattos

Oh the things we find when we decide to look behind the closet door or under the bed or, in this case, the garage of an anonymous collector in San Paulo, Brazil.  We posted this photo on our Facebook and Twitter pages, not too long ago, of what is known as the Volkswagen SP2. These cars saw a limited window of production in the 1970′s and Brazil was the only place where they could initially be found.  The reason they were produced was to take the place of the Karmann Ghia TC which was phased out around 1974.

The Volkswagen SP2 was originally called “Project X”.  The 70′s was a time when the country of Brazil was cut off from the rest of the world as its market was closed off to automotive imports so the Karmann Ghia was the only sports car available and, as Ghia production was stopped, Volkswagen needed a replacement.

The SP2 was created in prototype form in 1971 and the very next year was in production. There were only a little over 10,000 created before the assembly lines stopped on this car as well in 1976. A few were exported to Nigeria, and only one went the way of Portugal.

The big thing that held the SP2 back was the lack of power. With only a 65 hp 1600 cc engine this vehicle had much more bark than bite. Now Volkswagen did not give up on their efforts and pushed ahead with the design of what was to be a faster and meaner SP3. But, the creation of that car never occurred.

The SP2′s which were found in the anonymous owners garage, 16 of them were complete and intact in addition to 7 which were disassembled.  The owner is selling everything in his garage including a couple of Karmann Ghia’s which, ironically, prompted the SP2 in the first place. As to the prices and value of these cars, we have yet to see the numbers, but something tells me we will.

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