Rebuilding To Refinance

photo: courtesy of Miami Herald

photo: courtesy of Miami Herald

We have referred to and written many stories through the year about student groups, either on the high school or college level, which are part of an automotive program through their school. Within these programs they are given the opportunity to rebuild either entire automobiles, or, rebuild the engines and, for some, the final plan is to take the refurbished vehicle and auction it off for a good cause.

All of this is again true for a group of high schoolers from Coconut Grove, Florida who attend Ransom Everglades School and their project was a 1968 Volkswagen Bus the teens found on Craigslist for $1500. The group used nights, weekends, and holidays to stay focused on completing the refurbishment. Now they have completed the build they will be auctioning the van off and the proceeds will be going to the school’s financial-aid program.

We are not sure there can be a better use of a Volkswagen, especially one of vintage age. Students have the opportunity to learn the machinations of the vehicle as they proceed with a re-build and then the final task is to make some money for their school.

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