Self-Dimming Mirror from Volkswagen

self dimming mirrorAdded features are often some of the best selling points for car manufacturers. Companies search for ways to appeal to buyers and to give them the best driving experience possible. Volkswagen has taken something as simple as a mirror and turned it into a self-dimming feature that is included in select models.

Visibility is a huge concern when it comes to driving. It’s quite a hassle when bright lights shine into a car and reduce a driver’s visibility. Most cars are equipped with the ability to tilt the mirror with a lever to dim the effects of bright lights but that’s not the most ideal or convenient option. Volkswagen has developed a self-dimming mirror that will identify bright lights and automatically dim the mirror so that the driver can maintain visibility and prevent lights from causing dangerous driving conditions.

Not only does this feature dim when things become too bright, it also detects when the vehicle is in reverse and the mirror lightens to allow rear visibility. This new feature was developed with driver safety in mind. The driver doesn’t need to fumble with a lever to prevent blinding lights from illuminating their vehicle. They can drive with peace of mind knowing that visibility will be taken care of automatically. The self-dimming mirror is not available in all models and may cost an additional fee in some cases.