Tips for Car Care

Car Care Month encourages vehicle owners to properly care for their cars by providing a wealth of helpful hints, tips and tricks. Car Finder Service promotes Car Care Month and has revealed their latest car care tip which explains how car owners should wash their vehicles.

man washing carCar Care Tip #22 explains that if a vehicle is not washed properly, it can lose its luster very quickly and begin to look old and worn before it’s time. Improperly washing a vehicle can also cause unsightly damage such as scratches or chips.

The advice goes on to explain that vehicles should only be washed using cold water and never when the car is warm. This protects the layer of wax on the car, which is critical to maintaining the appearance of the vehicle because it helps to prevent certain types of damage to the car’s exterior.

When washing a car, only soap that has been developed specifically for use on cars should be used. Using a washing mitt rather than something such as an old towel is best in order to prevent any types of scratches from the cloth. These things combined help to maintain a car’s polished look.

These are easy, simple steps that any car owner can follow without taking up too much valuable time.