Volkswagen beats out Toyota and General Motors

VW Logo

Being in charge of an automotive manufacturing giant like Volkswagen is no easy task. But according to The Detroit News, Volkswagen AG Chief Executive Officer Martin Winterkorn is taking his role and the brand to new heights.

Six years ago, Winkerton set a goal for his company to become the world’s biggest carmaker and a leader in profitability by 2018. After a lot of hard work, his aspirations are coming to fruition. Reported operating income came it at a record $15 billion, which was just shy of beating out GM and Toyota combined.

“It’s been a master class in execution,” said Max Warburton, an analyst with Sanford C. Bernstein in Singapore. “Of course there are always elements of luck with corporate plans like this, but mostly they’ve just gone out and done what they said they wanted to do with good products and increasingly competitive prices.”

We here at Bill Jacobs are so incredibly proud to represent the most hardworking, quality car company on the planet. And even though VW’s on top, we’re confident that there are even more great things to come.