Volkswagen: Best October Sales Since 1972

Previously, we have blogged about, and brought attention to, Volkwagen’s proclamation to be the largest seller of automobiles in the world by the year 2018. The recent returns on the month of October sales, according to, reports that Volkswagen sold 34,311 automobiles last month for their best October since 1972.

One of the key markers for the success of last month and for YTD, for that matter, is the focus on younger drivers. The Jetta holds the throat to this success as last month alone, VW sold 11,253 units and the diesel version made waves too as the Volkswagen Beetle TDI currently accounts for 24% of sales.

Back in the days when VW was still developing more options for vehicle buyers a young driver would purchase a VW Beetle and if they wanted to “trade up” there was really no where to go but the VW Van, and that was a large leap. Now, with so many options to cover the middle ground of the inventory, like the Jetta, or the Passat, young buyers get that first volkswagen and continue their commitment to the car.

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