Volkswagen’s XL1 Has A Focus For 300 MPG

photo: courtesy of Volkswagen

Volkswagen has an automobile in the works which reportedly will be able to get a whopping 300 miles per gallon.  According to this Volkswagen will be powered by a modified diesel engine which will have 2 cylinders and, at this point, is only a two-seater.

This original version of this car was seen at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2002 and it was called the “L1″ which was a specific reference to there being a need of only 1 liter of fuel to keep it moving forward, and it marked 235 miles per gallon as its key efficiency.

As Volkswagen continued to modify this creation the designers continued to find ways to lighten the weight and by 2009 they had it down to just over 800 pounds. As comparison, the average automobile usually weighs 2000 pounds.  The photo you see above is the latest version of the “L1″ which has the name change to “XL1″ and was shown to the world in Qatar at their Auto Show, last year.

As the numbers play out the hybrid and plug-in cars which are currently on the road are able to offer anywhere from 50 miles to the gallon for the hybrids, and as much as 120 miles to the gallon for EV (electric) cars. Volkswagen’s goal with the “XL1″, which latest reports say will be available in 3 years, is to, with lighter weight and diesel engine, triple the efficiency of the EV vehicles, and gain as much as 6X of the hybrids.

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