VW asks us to take happier drives

Last week, Volkswagen announced to the world that its Smileage app was on the way. And so this week, it only makes sense that we learn a little more about what it’s all about.

In the following video, a couple set out in their VW to take the app for a test drive. Along their route, they take a few pit stops and document their adventure via the Smileage app.

Here are a few of the features that they took advantage of along the way:

  • Trip Mode: your friends can watch and comment on your journey in real time.
  • Your Smileage: who you’re with, where you go, and what you share make the drive more fun, increasing your Smileage.
  • Punches: every time you pass another Volkswagen with Smileage, you get a punch—without the sore arm.
  • Stickers: earn stickers for special punches, like passing a Volkswagen that looks exactly like yours.

So check it out!