VW’s Golf Variant gears up for its European debut

Golf Variant

When the 83rd Geneva Salon de l’Automobile opens its doors on March 7, the world will be introduced to a new member in the Volkswagen family. The new Golf Variant wagon, which will debut at the show, is certain to stand out thanks to its significant weight loss of 232 pounds.

“The Golf Variant is 12.1 inches longer than the hatchback, at 179.6 inches overall,” explained the editors of a Volkswagen Group press release. “Up to the B-post, the Variant is the same as the hatchback, but is unique aft of that point. It retains the precise and timeless lines that mark out the new Golf, but it is obvious that the car was designed in parallel with the hatchback and not simply derived from it.”

According to the press release, more than 1.8 million Golf Variants have been sold since the wagon launched 20 years ago. For the new edition, aesthetics, great gas mileage and unmatched performance will combine to form an incredibly versatile and spacious car. In fact, the trunk volume with the seats in place was expanded by 20 percent – an impressive feat, considering the drop in overall weight.